Playstation 4 announcement coming in June


Before the E3 gaming event of the year, Sony will announce its Playstation 4 game console officially.

According to different sources including VG247, Sony would have had a meeting about the upcoming Playstation 4 game console. The meeting would have been intended to discuss with developers when the console would be coming out and what type of capabilities and hardware the console would have.

Furthermore sources claim that Sony is working on a new development kit. One of the sources claims that the new Playstation would be strong enough to play games on 1080p, with 60 frames per second and in 3D.

The development kit would house 8 and 16 gigabytes of RAM memory. According to the information the console would also house a blu-ray-disk reader and a hard disk of 256 Gb just as in the Playstation 3.

Concerning the interface Sony would be coining for a as responsive as possible interface, what according to the sources means that users can do everything, whenever they want from the menu directly, without closing a game.

So would it be possible to buy a DLC or upgrade through the Playstation Store, while the game is still running.

Also Sony would not have been talking on a Playstation 4 but solely on a work name called Orbis. So maybe the new Sony Playstation could not even be named Playstation 4 but could be called Playstation Orbis? We will have to wait to know for sure.

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