Nvidia Thought PS4 Wouldn’t Be Lucrative


Chipmaker Nvidia didn’t want to create Playstation 4-chips, because they would not earn sufficient profit for the company.

This according to Tony Tamasi, senior vicepresident of content and technology at Nvidia. The Nvidia employee was certain that there were negotiations between the companies and the conclusions were that Nvidia didn’t agree with the price Sony was willing to pay for the collaboration. Nvidia made chips for the original Xbox and PS3 and would understand the economic difficulties of the day.

Earlier this year Nvidia announced its own game handheld, taking gaming into its own hand. Nvidia’s more arrogant stance in recent years could turn out to be profitable once its own gaming console will turn out successful.

The current chips for the Playstation 4 will be made by Nvidia’s competitor AMD. The rumor is that AMD is also going to make the new Xbox console chips, becoming the largest supplier of game console chips. Tamasi states that Nvidia doesn’t think this is a problem because his company doesn’t have sufficient capacity to aim on these customers. If they would have chosen to produce console chips they would have needed to shut down certain operations, it turns out this was something that Nvidia wasn’t willing to do.

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  1. Good for AMD. I still prefer Nvidia but I think AMD makes quality hardware and is often not given the credit they deserve. This could be a chance to prove their reliability (or a chance to fail and embarrass themselves too)

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