Microsoft aiming at cloud games


Microsoft is investing heavily in cloud games with a new studio based in London.

This week Microsoft has announced its new studio in England that will be focussing on developing games for the cloud. These games will need to be playable on different platforms such as the Xbox 360 and a tablet.

The new game studio named “Lift London” is being lead by former Rare chief Lee Schuneman.

The company is not going to produce retail games but in stead of that will be producing games that are not specifically bound to one platform. It would be possible that the games will be playable on iOS, Phil Harisson of Microsoft explained.

According to Phil Harisson the future of Microsoft lays in the cloud, in extending the game experience to multiple platforms, such as PC, game console and tablets.

What titels Lift London will be working on and on what platforms they will be able to be played hasn’t been announced yet.

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