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Defiance, Trion Games upcoming third-person shooter MMO based on Syfy channel’s Defiance series promises to be a visionary open world game. The game and television series will interact with each other as events in the show and game develop, making Defiance the first interconnected video game and television series.

The above live action trailer shows some of the intense action we can expect from the world of Defiance.

Defiance is set on a future Earth and introduces players and the television audience to a world where humans and extraterrestrials live together on a planet transformed by decades of war and conflict. The game combines the intense action of a console shooter with the epic size and open world of a modern day MMO. While the TV series creates a rich world with in depth characters and the drama of a classic sci-fi series the game gives the audience a chance to jump into that world for themselves, creating a whole new level of immersion.

defiance game screenshot

The combination of a game and a television series gives players a unique experience in comparison to stand alone shooters and TV series. Also for the fact that the game and the series will have a profound effect on each other creates a unique way for experiencing the overall story of Defiance.

Will Defiance change the way we play games and experience TV entertainment forever? I’ll leave that question open to experience for yourself.

Defiance is set for release this April and will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Defiance TV series is set to premiere on April 15th on Syfy channel.

For more information on the Defiance game also have a look at the Trion Worlds website.

This post has been sponsored by Trion Games, but all thoughts are our own

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